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BHHA Committees

If you are interested in supporting BHHA by serving on one of the committees listed below, please contact us!

Park & Landscaping

Ed Butler

Jim Everette

This committee is dedicated to maintaining the landscaping of our common property areas, such as the Brookfield Heights signs, and keeping our neighborhood park a wonderful place to enjoy time outdoors.

Property Improvements

Ed Butler

Terry Clendenen

Paul Felkey

When looking to spruce up your property or add any upgrades that include sheds, patios/decks, fences, trees, major landscaping changes, etc … contact this committee!


Welcome Committee

Kim Carlson (co-Chair)

Mary Corwin (co-Chair)

Diane Adams

Sharon Byrd

Angela Felkey

Greeting new neighbors with a smile and basket full of local goodies, this committee makes certain all feel welcome when they move into the neighborhood!

Activity Committee

Jo Ellen Horton (Chair)

Steve Sanders

Michelle Toth

All of the social events in our neighborhood take considerable effort and planning, but this committee makes certain that we have ample chances to meet our neighbors and join in the festivities.

Covenant Infractions

Matt Curtis (Chair)

Ed Butler

Kim Carlson

Jack Young

The beauty and safety of our neighborhood is a large part of what makes this community such a wonderful place to call home. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact this committee.


Angie Curtis

Jeremy Gibbs

Running behind the scenes, this committee keeps the website and Facebook Forum running so that all can stay informed and connected.


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