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Brookfield Heights is a covenant community. Our covenants refrain from doing certain things that would depreciate the value of all homes within our community. Our covenants are to help protect everyone's property value and way of living.

There is no doubt that many of you will be getting the itch to install a new fence, shed, patio, or do many other home improvement projects. Please remember that our covenants state that many of these projects require a written proposal and drawings to be approved ahead of time before construction starts. You will need to contact the BHHA Board before doing anything with your property.

Click on the links below to download a copy of the covenants:


Not sure what phase of the covenants pertain to your home? Click on the link below to view the Brookfield Heights Phase Map to find out.




No campers, trailers, motor homes, recreational vehicles, boats, commercial vehicles or similar vehicles, other than ordinary family passenger vehicles (including vans), shall be parked on any street or Lot in the development, unless the same is parked in a garage with the garage door closed, so that it is not visible to the occupants of other Lots in the development or the users of any street in the development; except for temporary periods not exceeding 48 hours and except as the BHHA board may otherwise approve. All passenger vehicles shall be parked in a garage or driveway, except for guest vehicles which may be parked on the street for a period not exceeding 24 hours.


No animals shall be kept or maintained on any Lot in the development except usual household pets, namely dog and cats, and, in such case, such household pets shall be kept reasonably quiet and contained, either on a leash or in a fenced area whenever outside, so as to not become a nuisance. No owner shall have more than two (2) household pets on any Lot at any one time.


Private pond in the NE corner of Brookfield Heights

Resident homeowners surrounding the pond in the northeast corner of Brookfield Heights have asked the board to remind all homeowners that the said pond is Private Property. If you do not have permission from one of the homeowners surrounding the pond to be on their property you are considered trespassing. Parents please remind your children that this pond is not a public pond and that it is private property. Please be courteous to these homeowners and respect their properties by not accessing the pond unless you have permission.


Ditches and Swales

All owners shall keep unobstructed and and in good repair, all open storm water drainage ditches and swales which may be located on their respective lots.

How do I get an official copy of the covenants?

Contact: Tippecanoe County Recorder's Office

Most deeds do not have a copy of the covenants attached. The covenants are recorded in the Tippecanoe Co. Recorder's Office under Brookfield Heights: Phase 1 & 2 Section 1, Brookfield Heights Phase 1 & 2 , Brookfield Heights Phase 2 & 3 Section 2. They vary in number of pages in each set of covenants. They do charge a preservation fee of $1.00 per page. They do not send electronic copies of documents at this time. They are located in the County Office Building at 20 North 3rd St. and are open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. They may also be reached by phone at: (765) 423-9352.



Click here to access a copy of the by-laws for Brookfield Heights Covenant Community.

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