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No Soliciting is allowed in our neighborhood without Board Approval. Our neighborhood has restrictions on soliciting. We use the ‘No Soliciting’ as a tool to keep problems out of our neighborhood. If solicitors want to solicit in Tippecanoe County, they must contact the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Department for restrictions.

Things to do if an outside solicitor comes to your door:

  • Please state clearly that Brookfield Heights is closed to outside solicitors and that they are trespassing.

  • Ask them to immediately leave the neighborhood.

If you notice a street light outage or other street light issue that needs repair, you may contact the appropriate energy company directly. Just indicate the address where the light is located.
Lights serviced by Tipmont REMC: (800-726-3953 option 3)
     215, 235, 305, 333, 409, 421, 437 N Brookfield Drive
     209, 319, 409 Castlewood Court
     34 Fairfieldview Court
     76 Gelder Court
     5006, 5219, 5313, 5421 Goldersgreen Drive
     18, 78 Penridge Court
     204, 227 Penridge Lane
     32 Scarborough Court
     40 Sloans Court
All other lights in the subdivision are serviced by Duke Energy (800-521-2232).

You can also request street light repair at

The streets are serviced by the Tippecanoe County Highway Department. If you have concerns about snow removal, potholes, resurfacing, etc., please contact the County Highway Department (765-423-9210) or visit their website at

The speed limit in the subdivision is 25 mph. If you notice a particular vehicle exceeding the speed limit on a regular basis or if you notice a particular day or time of day that multiple vehicles are exceeding the speed limit, please contact the Tippecanoe County Sheriff (765-423-9321).

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